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NEW Luxurious Anti-Wrinkle Skincare THE HSR LIFTING COMPLEX
The revolutionary ingredient in the HSR LIFTING complex is a natural glucoside. This highly effective active ingredient, extracted from the resurrection plant, slows down the formation of new wrinkles by fighting it directly at its origin.
The naturally contained glucoside in the resurrection plant promotes water-binding capacities and boosts cell functions for rapid moisture replenishment. As an active ingredient in the HSR LIFTING complex, it increases the skin’s moisture-binding capacity and provides all-round support for natural skin regeneration. Moreover, it helps even out the skin tone and diminish hyperpigmentation. Better nourishment of the cells reactivates the functions of the tired and sagging cells. The cells are unwrinkled, and the skin appears plumper from the inside out.
Smooth your wrinkles! HSR LIFTING ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM Six high-performance active ingredients work effectively to reduce the appearance and causes of all types of wrinkles. With its particularly smooth texture, HSR LIFTING Anti-Wrinkle Cream pampers the skin and creates an exceptional skincare experience with every application. Learn more
Fight ageing at its source HSR LIFTING ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM RICH The particularly rich anti-wrinkle skincare cream contributes to the noticeable reduction of all types of wrinkles and slows down the formation of new wrinkles by targeting the causes! The smooth, extraordinarily nourishing texture is rich in essential lipids. Tip: apply it a little more generously in the evening to boost overnight skin regeneration and intense hydration. SHOP NOW
Let your eyes do the talking HSR LIFTING Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream Anti-wrinkle eye care with instant lifting effect! It visibly reduces all types of wrinkles and helps slow down the formation of new wrinkles: The upper eyelid appears lifted and the skin around the eyes appears smoother, firmer, and more youthful. Buy Now
HSR LIFTING ANTI-WRINKLE SERUM The luxurious HSR LIFTING serum tightens the skin, contributes to the visible reduction of all types of wrinkles (gravitational and expression lines), and slows down the formation of new wrinkles by targeting them where they originate. Immediately after the application, the skin is visibly firmer – and stays that way all day long. The silky-smooth, luxurious texture pampers the skin and makes it visibly smoother, plumper, and firmer. SHOP NOW
HSR LIFTING ANTI-WRINKLE FOAM MASK Thanks to essential lipids and its particularly smooth foam texture, the anti-wrinkle face mask makes the skin feel pampered. As an intensive add-on to your HSR LIFTING skincare routine, it creates a personal lifting experience for your skin that makes it appear visibly smoother and plumper. Apply it twice a week after cleansing and massage it into the skin after 10 minutes or remove it with a tissue. BUY NOW
Take Care of Neck and Decollete HSR LIFTING ANTI-WRINKLE NECK & DÉCOLLETÉ CREAM The skin on the neck and décolleté is thinner and tends to show age-related skin changes especially early. The cream helps to soften the look of hyperpigmentation on the neck and décolleté and prevents their reappearance. The HSR complex of active ingredients also reduces all types of wrinkles by targeting the causes of wrinkle formation. The velvety smooth texture is perfectly absorbed and generates a luxurious skincare sensation. SHOP NOW