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BYE BYE PLASTIC BABOR dispenses with cellophane wrapping on selected lines and saves more than eight football fields of plastic Small change, big effect: in three series - i.e. a total of 49 products - BABOR has not wrapped the products in cellophane since June 2020. This will save BABOR 2 tons of plastic over the next two years. “As part of our Green Agenda, we have set a target of reducing 30% virgin plastic by 2023. Avoiding cellophane wrapping is an important step on the way there whenever possible,” explains managing director Horst Robertz, who drives the goals of the Green Agenda in the company together with an interdisciplinary Sustainability Board. The Green Agenda is the action plan that carries BABOR's sustainability philosophy into the future. It contains three main topics: CO2, packaging and ingredients.The Sustainability Board was installed in 2020. However, the sustainable philosophy has a tradition of more than 60 years: BABOR was founded in 1956 as "biomedical natural cosmetics". Treating nature with respect is therefore deeply rooted in the BABOR DNA. "The will to take responsibility for society and the environment comes from deep within BABOR," says Horst Robertz. The elimination of the protective plastic cover around the three lines CLEANSING, SKINOVAGE and ESSENTIAL CARE is a milestone on the agenda. Even before that, the product developers left out the cellophane wrapping when designing new products. The company has already saved 4.5 football fields of plastic. What is new as part of the Green Agenda is that this is now being extended to the existing range.