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THIS IS WHERE THE BABOR FOREST GROWS A tree neutralizes around 1,000 kilos of CO2 in the course of its life. A forest therefore makes an active contribution to climate protection. Since October 2020, the BABOR forest has been in existence in the Eifel, the mountain region very close to the BABOR headquarters in Aachen. More and more trees will grow here on around 100,000 square meters. In the end there will be around 30,000, providing a little fresher air.The planting of the BABOR forest is a sub-project of the Green Agenda 2025, BABOR's sustainability roadmap. One of the goals of the Green Agenda is not only to compensate for CO2, but to reduce emissions by 50%. Energy-efficient buildings and mobility concepts are further contributions on the way.By the way: Scientists at the University of Tokyo have proven that even a half-hour walk in the forest has the same effect as oxygen therapy.