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MADE WITH LOVE BY THE BABOR BEES: MORE THAN HONEY. BABOR bees pollinate serviceberries for the BABOR SPA line It's buzzing in the BABOR Bioreservation. Punctually around Bee Day on May 20th, the beekeeper will harvest the first honey of the year. For a year now, eight bee colonies have found a new home near the BABOR headquarters. Around 400,000 bees will inhabit the hives in summer and, in addition to honey, they will also fulfill another valuable mission: they pollinate the service berries that grow in this protected part of the forest in the Eifel. You are the raw material supplier for the BABOR SPA line, which BABOR has just given a makeover. The ingredient concept has remained true to the valuable service tree. After all, it convinces with the highest vitamin C content of all local fruits.
The bee colonies are a small building block in BABOR's sustainability concept, the Green Agenda 2025. It focuses on CO2 reduction, green packaging and clean ingredients, all of which are backed by independent, measurable indicators to monitor progress. A CO2 dashboard, for example, offers up-to-date information on the company's CO2 emissions. Further information on Green Agenda 2025 and how BABOR assumes social responsibility can be found in the BABOR Sustainability Report.