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How do I break open the glass ampoule?
The key to the treasure trove of active ingredients is the very delicate neck of the ampoule. It is designed so it can be snapped off easily. The best way is to use a cosmetic tissue or the ampoule opener included in every pack of ampoules.


Is the ampoule applied in exactly the same way as a cream?
It is applied in a similar way. However, the ampoule is not massaged into the skin but rather “pressed” into it. Pour the fluid into the palm of your hand and dab it onto your skin with your fingertips. Finally, using the flat of your hand, press the concentrate gently into your skin.


How much should I use?
An ampoule always contains about 2 ml of an active concentrate. The active ingredients are carefully coordinated for one application for the face, neck and décolleté. If the ampoule is cracked open immediately before it is applied, the active ingredients will always be super fresh.


How often should I use an ampoule?
Ampoules are special agents that are best used as a course of treatment, as that way you can replenish your skin’s moisture reserves.