Because BABOR produces CO2 neutrally anyway, the environment is doubly happy about DOCTOR BABOR CLEANFORMANCE.

Need more clean initiatives? 
For each of the first 5,000 DOCTOR BABOR CLEANFORMANCE products sold, BABOR will plant a tree near our company headquarters in Aachen. 


Basic Glow

Two cleansing all-rounders take care of your pore-deep facial cleansing and form the ideal basis for the subsequent care.


Keeping it clean

The 2-in-1 Clay Multi Cleanser cleans thoroughly and at the same time very gently Practical: Used as a mask, the skin is freed from excess sebum.

Cleansing to go

The Deep Cleansing Pads are water-activated cleaning pads made of biodegradable material. For perfectly cleansed, clarified skin and a silky soft skin feeling.

Bye bye, tired eyes!

The Awakening Eye Cream helps reduce puffiness and conceals dark circles under the eyes.


Calming Glow for Stressed Skin

The following two products contain cannabidiol – CBD for short – and are our new go-to essentials for soothing stressed, irritated skin.

Soothing miracle weapon

The Phyto CBD Serum soothes rough, exhausted skin with CBD, hemp oil, and almond oil for a fresh, dewy complexion. In addition, the serum is quickly absorbed and supports skin firmness and elasticity.

Daily Dose Zen

The Phyto CBD Day Cream protects the skin barrier and improves the condition of stressed and strained skin thanks to its soothing properties. Furthermore, missing lipids in the skin barrier are compensated for.


Moisture Glow for Dry Skin

Serum and cream in combined application prevent the first signs of premature skin aging, conjure up a delicate glow, and even out irregularities in the complexion. 

Instant hydration

Thanks to the active ingredient duo of hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, the oil-free Moisture Glow Serum provides intensive and immediate moisture – for hydrated, radiant, and even-looking skin. 

More radiance, please!

The light Moisture Glow Cream with light-reflecting elements provides a delicate glow and increases the amount of moisture for a long period of time.


Regenerating Glow for Demanding & Tired Skin

The rich revival cream and overnight mask work overnight against the signs of the times.

The Stimulator

The Revival Cream Rich supports skin firmness and prevents initial lines, ideal as regenerating care overnight. 

Beauty Sleep Essential

The rich Renewal Overnight Mask strengthens the skin barrier and prevents the first signs of skin aging – and will convince you with its relaxing effect overnight.


All important information about Cleanformance

Everyone is currently talking about "Clean Beauty".
Which natural ingredients do we use in DR. BABOR CLEANFORMANCE and which ingredients do we deliberately avoid?
You can find the answer to this question and all details about the application in our FAQs:

Step 1: Cleanse your face – including your neck and décolleté.

Step 2: Put the serum in the palm of your hand, apply to your face, and gently press the product into the skin.

Step 3: Use your fingertips to gently pat the eye care product into your skin.

Step 4: Apply the cream. Your skin will appreciate the extra dose of nourishment that a once or twice weekly treatment with the evening mask provides.

After opening, the products can be used for twelve months. By the way, the little symbol on the jar also indicates product shelf life.

The Cleanformance products have been designed to work together in perfect harmony. The most effective results are thus achieved when you use the complete line. However, your skin will also enjoy a special Cleanformance highlight product.

Some excipients used in our basic Cleanformance formula are designed in the laboratory. These include such things as sodium hydroxide and citric acid. We need these ingredients to establish the proper pH balance. All excipients are present in the smallest quantities required for the performance and safety of the product.

The focus of Cleanformance is on effective prebiotics and probiotics that balance the skin’s microbiome. Prebiotics and probiotics strengthen this natural skin barrier and act like a tiny protective shield against environmental stressors. The antioxidant and highly regenerative properties of an extract derived from red maple bark protect the skin, imparting greater elasticity and resilience. Incidentally, this extract is the very first fully sustainable and clinically tested cosmetic ingredient derived from recycled red maple bark.

The skin microbiome is made up of a wealth of very diverse microorganisms that perform an important function for the skin barrier and have powerful effects on the condition of the skin. Healthy skin is characterised by an intact skin barrier and a well balanced skin microbiome – and only healthy skin is beautiful skin.

Prebiotics are substances that support our skin’s microorganisms and thus keep the microbiome in balance. This is what forms our skin’s natural protective shield. Cleanformance contains biotechnologically derived yeast proteins. They support the skin microbiome and stimulate the synthesis of lipids in the epidermis. Probiotics are ingredients that are produced with the help of microorganisms that are otherwise found in probiotic foods and that are also beneficial for our skin. Cleanformance contains a biotechnologically derived active substance from lactic acid-producing bacteria that improves the quality and density of the epidermis and stimulates skin regeneration.

External influences are to blame for more than 80 per cent of our skin’s ageing process. Protecting the skin by providing it with antioxidants will prolong its youthful glow. That’s why Cleanformance contains an extract of red maple bark.

Cleanformance consists of two cleansing products for all skin types and three creams and serums: one for dehydrated and combination skin, one for sensitive or irritated skin, and one for demanding, tired looking skin. On top of that, there is also a special product for the eyes as well as an Overnight Mask.

You bet! They are completely free of animal-based ingredients and milk-based ingredients such as lactose.

They are all manufactured at the BABOR headquarters in Aachen – made in Germany.

All of the plastic tubes are made from 30% recycled plastic and the collapsible boxes are made from recycled paper. The glass is – of course – recyclable.

BABOR’s production is carbon neutral and the company pursues a Green Agenda, a road map for a more sustainable future. In concrete terms for Cleanformance this means: BABOR plants a tree near its headquarters for every Cleanformance product purchased.

For BABOR, clean beauty means maximum transparency, maximum reliability, and maximum performance. The new DOCTOR BABOR CLEANFORMANCE line transforms this conviction into a unique product range. The ingredients are formulated down to the milligram to ensure that the best results are achieved. Just like all BABOR products, they are made in Germany. Production at the headquarters in Aachen is sustainable, and visitors can even view parts of the production from a glass-enclosed balcony. DOCTOR BABOR CLEANFORMANCE is the first product to combine less with more: “free of” meets maximum performance. DOCTOR BABOR CLEANFORMANCE contains as much as 98% natural ingredients, is vegan, and is free of animal-based ingredients, gluten, lactose, silicone, parabens, mineral oils, microplastics, and synthetic fragrances. The products, which contain pre- and probiotics, also deliver the time-tested BABOR beauty performance. That’s what we call clean.

Clean beauty is all about certainty – for the user and for the environment. And about pure, “honest” products. Incidentally, that’s nothing new for BABOR: BABOR has focused on transparency and natural performance since its foundation in 1956. After all, the company started out as “Biomedizinische Naturkosmetik Dr. B” (Biomedical Natural Cosmetics Dr. B).

Anyone purchasing cosmetics today wants to buy consciously and be well informed. But it’s not that simple. Europe is already well advanced when it comes to “clean creaming”. The European Cosmetics Directive (EU 1223/2009) regulates the use of major cosmetic ingredients such as UV filters, preservatives, and colorants. And the list of banned substances (Annex II) currently includes more than 1,300 substances. Needless to say, at BABOR we always adhere to these regulations. In the US, for instance, there is no official list. There the focus is on regulation through the market by monitoring finished products. A sense of uncertainty has emerged that has established clean beauty as a trend.

0% Microplastic | 100% Vegan | 100% Probiotic Power

Would you like to know what exactly is behind probiotics, prebiotics, and all other key Clean Beauty ingredients?



Cannabidiol (CBD) is regarded as the most important non-psychoactive component of the female hemp. Thus, it does not cause an intoxication, but is especially known for its anti-inflammatory effect: As a result, CBD is frequently used in skin calming, redness and tension reducing products.




This is a yeast hydrolysate, obtained by bacterial biofermentation. It rebalances the ecosystem of the skin. As a result, the barrier function is restored and the skin is supplied with moisture. It stimulates the synthesis of lipids in the epidermis, whereby the barrier is rebuilt faster and the resistance of the skin is strengthened.


Red maple tree bark extract

The tree bark extract obtained through a sustainable production process is rich in bioactive polyphenols. It provides protection against premature skin ageing caused by environmental influences by blocking free radicals. It stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis and thereby promotes skin firmness and elasticity. 


Sugar beet extracts

The polysaccharides contained in the sugar beet have the ability to retain moisture, offering an immediate and long-lasting moisture supply for the skin.


Hemp oil

Hemp oil is a plant-based oil and is extracted from the hemp seed (Cannabis sativa seed). During the oil production, the seeds are crushed and gently pressed. The green-brown oil is rich in linoleic acid and α-linolenic acid. It also contains significant proportions of γ-linolenic acid. Due to the fatty acid composition, it possesses excellent nourishing and regenerating properties. It has a soothing effect especially with stressed skin.



This is lysate of the lactic acid bacteria Lactococcus lactis. It positively affects the speed as well as the quality of epidermal growth. It supports and protects the skin microbiome against daily stress. It allows the skin microbiome to regain and preserve its healthy balance faster and more effectively.