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It enables you not only to breathe a sigh of relief, unwind and recharge your batteries but also to experience how highly effective active ingredients and precisely coordinated treatment techniques awaken your skin to new life. A beauty program is tailored entirely to your individual wishes and requirements. BABOR offers a wide range of innovative treatment options comprising soothing wellness therapies and  skin and figure-enhancing treatments that achieve unsurpassed efficacy.

The following step-by-step explanation shows you what to expect when you visit a BABOR beauty or BABOR Beauty Spa.

Step 1: Cleansing
Optimum cleansing is the key to perfect beauty care.
It is the basis for young-looking, radiantly beautiful skin, and is therefore the first step in any BABOR treatment.

Step 2: Professional skin analysis and advice
To make your treatment as effective as possible and to tailor it to your needs, we analyze your skin.
The beauty program is then tailored to your wishes and your skin requirements. Your BABOR esthetician is on hand to provide you with all-round advice.

Step 3: Skin activation & BABOR Vitality Check
BABOR’s highly effective preparatory mask activates the skin. It is applied after cleansing and enables the skin to optimally absorb subsequent skincare products and the active ingredients contained in them. The BABOR Vitality Check supports the skin analysis and helps to identify vital and non-vital areas of the skin quickly and precisely and to treat them in a targeted manner.

Step 4: BABOR compress technique
The interaction of warmth and cold! All BABOR cleansing products, masks and peels are removed with warm compresses, and to finish, a cool complex is unrolled in the special BABOR manner.
The BABOR method of unrolling compresses and stimulating pressure points has a calming and relaxing effect on the skin.

Step 5: BABOR Ampoule Concentrates FP application technique
The classic BABOR treatment. Ampoule Concentrates FP contain highly concentrated, natural active ingredients and achieve impressive results you can see and feel. During a facial, fluids are selected to suit the individual needs of your skin, achieve the desired results and provide the ideal start for a week-long treatment at home.

Step 6: BABOR Massage
Five steps to radiant beauty and total balance with the BABOR Effective Touch Massage. This face massage, which is based on different techniques used in traditional and modern massage, activates the various energy systems that impact the body and mind, and offer a holistic approach to the treatment. BABOR Effective Touch begins with a soothing head massage and ends with the “Magic Eight” (eight special acupuncture pressure points). The massage is divided into five steps, each of which triggers specific processes in the body and on the skin. The desired effect of the carefully structured massage emerges at the end of the 5th step: a youthfully fresh, radiant complexion and total relaxation!

Step 7: Mask
In the penultimate step, a special mask is applied to suit your specific skin type. It is left on for 20 minutes to work, before the final cool compress is unrolled to give your skin a gentle wake-up call.

Step 8: Finishing treatment
Every BABOR treatment ends with a special finish so the results not only last longer but also to show off your skin in a very positive light. The finishing treatment consists of an eye cream, a suitable moisturizing cream and make-up to suit your skin type.

Step 9: Skincare routine
To ensure that the fantastic results of the treatment are also long lasting, it is essential to maintain a daily skincare regimen. Your esthetician will put together products that are tailored exactly to your skincare needs and are ideally suited for use at home.

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