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A 24-hour cream is the simplest way to provide around-the-clock care for your face. Moisturizing creams address specific skin needs: they supply long-lasting moisture, protect against environmental influences and the sun’s harmful rays, and keep skin smooth, elastic and youthfully fresh.

Masks are the perfect beauty assistants for an SOS skin treatment. They are an ideal intensive treatment because they contain a much higher concentration of active ingredients than creams and ensure an extremely soothing wellness experience.
A mask can be applied regularly or whenever skin shows signs that it needs acute care.

Ampoules are instant beautifiers for use at home and are power-packed to meet the most varying skin needs. The highly concentrated, individually portioned active fluids in glass ampoules provide an exclusive skincare experience with an instant effect for every skin type and condition. The ampoules impress with their visible and palpable results – and thanks to their hygienic individual packaging, they do not require any preservatives. The ultra-light consistency enables active ingredients to pass through the skin barrier and develop their full effect in the deeper layers of the skin.

Serums are very light, fast-absorbing active concentrates that provide the maximum concentration of active ingredients. Used as a supplementary skincare product for all skin types, they provide targeted support and balance out specific skin needs. Thanks to their particularly light consistency they absorb fast into the skin, where they can develop their full effect. In contrast to masks, they not only have an instant effect but also supply the skin with long-lasting, concentrated moisturizing power. In general, serums should be applied before a moisturizer.

Eye cream
The skin around the eyes is much thinner than the skin elsewhere on the face. As collagens and elastin fibers are less densely arranged in this area and the skin lacks subcutaneous fat, both internal and external factors soon leave their traces. An eye cream therefore provides the perfect care for this sensitive area of skin. At the same time, eye cream alleviates specific problems such as expression lines, crow’s feet, dark rings and circles under the eyes as well as bags and puffiness, and leaves the eye area looking youthfully fresh and smooth.r and develop their full effect in the deeper layers of the skin.