Mattifying Foundation 03 almond

Contents: 30 ml

“Liquid powder” for a vibrant matte complexion.

available, delivery time about 2-3 days

Color selection

suitable for vegans

Mattifying Foundation has a 4-fold anti-aging effect and provides variable coverage for oily and combination skin. Available in 3 shades.

Mattifying Foundation conditions oily and combination skin, provides variable coverage and lends the skin a natural, well-cared-for look.

Mattifying Foundation creates an instant optical lifting effect, imparts a youthful glow, protects the cells and has a detoxifying effect.

Using the make-up brush, apply from the center of the face towards the sides. Blend carefully at the outer edges (hairline, jaw line).
Coverage can be varied by layering, i.e. by applying several very thin layers of foundation on top of each other.
Shake Mattifying Foundation before use.