Age Spots

Pigmentation marks

Lightening formulations help to combat excess melanin.

Many women long for a flawless complexion. After all, an even skin tone lends the skin a vibrant and youthfully fresh appearance. However, if areas of skin are affected by hyperpigmentation, the contrasting skin tones spoil the look of the skin. Generally speaking, however, make-up on its own is not enough to conceal pigment marks.

Professional precision cosmetics from the House of BABOR effectively reduce signs of aging.

Most of us are familiar with pigment spots. Sometimes they are small, but they can cover larger areas on the cheeks, upper lip, décolleté and also on the hands and shoulders – i.e. in precisely those areas that are most exposed to the sun’s rays. Pigmentation marks can be prevented by using an efective sunscreen, but often hormonal changes are also responsible for increased melanin production and thus for hyperpigmentation. Discover our exclusive formulations based on precious ingredients obtained from the depths of the sea. Or check out our innovative, active, high-performance ingredients that are blended in our unique precision cosmetics to effectively reduce signs of aging, have a lightening effect and at the same time lend the skin a firmer, smoother and youthfully fresh appearance.