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Product LinesAMPOULE CONCENTRATESNature in the highest concentration for instant results you can see and feel.

The combination of sterile packaging and single-use ampoules also provides the purest form of skincare. BABOR was the first skincare company to develop ampoules as an attractive and practical packaging material for specific concentrates. Expertise, specialization and constant refinement have made BABOR the market leader in this segment. This head start naturally gives us a great advantage. As true power packages, the fluids offer immediate visible effects, are extremely well tolerated and comprise a range of high-dose active ingredients to suit every skin type and skin condition.The BABOR AMPOULE CONCENTRATES impress with their noticeable, visible effect.

In den WarenkorbAMPOULE CONCENTRATESREPAIR SetAmpoule Serum Concentrate Set for skin that looks rejuvenated, relaxed, and recovered... $85.00* / 14 ml
In den WarenkorbAMPOULE CONCENTRATES3er Grand Cru $66.00* / 6 ml
In den WarenkorbAMPOULE CONCENTRATES3-er Ampoule Beauty Effect INT $45.00* / 6 ml
In den WarenkorbAMPOULE CONCENTRATESWITH LOVE - White CollectionAmpoule gift set with 7 different active concentrates $84.00* / 14 ml
In den WarenkorbAMPOULE CONCENTRATESPERFECTION SetLimited edition active concentrate with natural AHA acid. $85.00* / 14 ml