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Anti-AgingThe term “anti-aging” is used in the cosmetics world to describe products that help to slow down both natural (intrinsic) and environmentally induced (extrinsic) aging processes in the skin.

Anti-aging face products are specially tailored to individual skin needs in order to support the skin’s natural regeneration processes and supply targeted active ingredients. In addition, anti-aging skincare products aim to strengthen the skin and protect it thoroughly against harmful environmental factors. Anti-aging creams thus lend the complexion a smoother, suppler, fresher and more youthful appearance.
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CLEANSINGPhytoactive ReactivatingA refreshing and invigorating herbal extract for use with HY-ÖL. Designed for tired... $55.00* / 100 ml
How can we prevent fine lines and wrinkles?

In our 20s, we are envied for our skin. It looks even and plumped up, and our complexion is rosy and has a fresh, youthful glow. But only few people know that even at this early stage, the skin’s aging process gradually begins. Although we cannot influence skin aging, which is determined by our genes, it is possible to counteract environmentally influenced skin aging if we use the right skincare products.

Effective anti-aging skincare supports the skin’s regeneration process, promotes elasticity and tissue firmness and also has an anti-oxidant effect, which helps to prevent premature environmentally induced skin aging. It is also important to cleanse skin correctly as this helps it to protect itself and combat the signs of aging. Supplying the skin with sufficient moisture, removing make-up daily and applying an all-round moisturizer after gently cleansing the skin is vital. Whether you have dry skin, oily, combination or sensitive skin, with a gel face wash, cleansing milk or bi-phase cleanser, you are certainly well prepared.