Calming Massage Candle


Calming Massage Candle

Contents: 190 g

Relaxing fragrance with lavender and mint

available, delivery time about 2-3 days


The Calming Massage Candle is a fragrance candle and massage balm in one. The soothing lavender and mint fragrance relaxes body and soul.


The Calming Massage Candle is the perfect way to indulge all your senses.


The candle emits a soothing lavender and mint fragrance. Used as a massage balm, the melted wax with precious sweet almond oil leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and beautifully smooth.


Light the fragrance candle like a normal candle. For the massage, extinguish the flame and let the wax cool down. Smooth it over the skin as desired, then massage it in.

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