Calming Bi-Phase Serum

Contents: 30 ml

2-phase serum for especially sensitive skin.

available, delivery time about 2-3 days
suitable for vegans

The skin can be naturally sensitive, but can also become so as life goes on.
Environmental factors as well as one’s personal lifestyle can weaken the skin’s natural protective barrier so that the skin can no longer guard against damaging external substances. It reacts with redness, irritation and unpleasant feelings of tension; it can appear fatigued, mottled and flaky in patches. Sometimes it can no longer tolerate face creams. This 2-phase serum is ideal for an exclusive daily care routine for especially sensitive skin which can no loner tolerate anything.

Panthenol and allantoin help to sooth the skin and botanical lipids such as jojoba oil and phytosqualane support the regeneration of the skin’s natural barrier. With botanical extract from cucumber, green tea, grapefruit and sallow thorn.

The 2-phase serum soothes skin immediately and provides for a soft, relaxed complexion. The skin appears intensively moisturized and is no longer as susceptible to irritation.

Apply the 2-phase serum mornings and/or evenings following cleansing. Be sure to briefly but vigorously shake the Calming Bi-phase Serum prior to use until both phases are fully combined.