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Deep Cleansing Pads

Contents: 20 pieces

Water-activated cleaning pads – Pads made of biodegradable material

suitable for vegans

Cleaning pads with prebiotics & probiotics and Centella Asiatica

The extract cleanses particularly intensively and also removes water-soluble eye and lip make-up. For a perfectly cleansed, clarified skin and a silky soft complexion.

With prebiotics and probiotics to support the natural barrier of the skin and stimulate the skin's own renewal processes.

For particularly intensive cleansing. After application, the skin immediately feels silky soft and smooth.

These exclusive, water-activated cleansing pads made of biodegradable material ensure deep cleansing and effortlessly remove impurities and make-up.

Remove the Deep Cleansing Pad with dry hands and moisten it with cool water. Use the rough-textured side to emulsify and work it up intensively on the skin with circular movements. Massage in gently circular movements for one and a half minutes to exfoliate the facial skin. Use the smoother side to remove eye make-up. Rinse the face with plenty of water afterwards.

Note: Remove the pads from the pack with dry hands.

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