Blemish Reducing Cream

Contents: 50 ml

24h anti-pimple cream for the intensive care of impure skin.

available, delivery time about 2-3 days
suitable for vegans

Prevents the formation of pimples and stress-related blemishes in the early stages. The skin is more regular and pure with regular use and is less prone to new pimples.

The D-Actryl 360 ° Complex acts on several levels of
pimple formation : - E.chlorantha Extract reduces sebum gland size and thus sebum production.
- Extract of Poria Cocos minimizes the stress-related irritability of the skin and supports the barrier function.
- Hydroxy acid reduces excessive keratinization. Existing blackheads are reduced faster, the formation of new blackheads is prevented.
- Alpha-olioglucan reduces the spread of Propionibacterium acnes and promotes a natural bacterial flora.
- Microsilver and clove flower oil help fight pimple-causing bacteria.

Apply mornings and evenings after cleansing on face, neck and décolleté and massage lightly.