Eye Care

Puffy eyes & dark circles
Dark circles and puff eyes

The delicate eye area needs special attention and perfect skincare solutions!

Our eyes are the mirror of our emotions, but the area around the eyes also reveals a lot about our lifestyle. While joy, happiness and a positive state of mind lend us a special radiance and are reflected in our sparkling eyes and wonderful laughter lines, stress, too little sleep and a lack of moisture make our eyes look tired and result in dark circles and under-eye rings. The extremely sensitive skin around our eye responds instantly – and visibly – to external influences and our personal circumstances, and also to skincare that is tailored to our individual needs.

Select exclusive ingredients are processed in our laboratories into effective active formulas that target dark under-eye circles and puffiness and create a radiant eye area!

No other part of our face is as sensitive as the area around our eyes. That’s because it lacks fatty tissue and the skin here is much thinner than elsewhere on the face. When developing formulations that are specially tailored to the needs of the sensitive eye area, we place importance not only on reducing visible signs such as puffiness and dark circles but also on combating their causes effectively, with long-lasting results. To achieve these results, we use highly efficacious active ingredients that strengthen and protect the sensitive skin tissue around the eyes and lend it new suppleness, firmness and radiance. Our detailed product information in our Online Shop will help you in your search for the perfect eye care for you. Bid goodbye to those dark under-eye circles and add radiance to your eye area!