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BABOR Gift Card


BABOR Gift Card

Beauty gift card

printable immediately after ordering
Choose the front cover of your gift card?
Enter the desired amount
Max. value: $999.00
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For a birthday, Mother's Day or just a little gift. There are many opportunities to show others how much they are valued - and it can be so easy.

With a Babor Gift Card you give away beauty. For the value, the recipient can pick whatever his heart desires. You can order the Babor gift card quick and easy with the specified subject and desired price. You can even add a personal message. Then just print the gift card and give away or send via email. The BABOR voucher can be redeemed online at and in all participating BABOR institutes.

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CLEANSINGPhytoactive ReactivatingA refreshing and invigorating herbal extract for use with HY-ÖL. Designed for tired... $55.00* / 100 ml
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SKINOVAGEBalancing CreamSoft, light face cream for combination skin. $140.00* / 50 ml
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AMPOULE CONCENTRATESHydra GlowGet glowing! An intensive ampoule treatment that provides the ultimate freshness... $57.00* / 14 ml
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CLEANSINGGentle PeelingA mild, moisturizing face peel. $56.00* / 50 ml
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AMPOULE CONCENTRATESHydra PlusAn active concentrate for dry skin that lacks moisture. $56.00* / 14 ml
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CLEANSINGHY-ÖLHY-ÖL cleansing oil: 60 years ago it was revolutionary – today it is legendary. $60.00* / 200 ml