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HydrationSufficient moisture is essential for healthy-looking skin. All skin needs moisture in order to protect itself and perform its natural functions. Although skin can absorb moisture, unfortunately it cannot store it independently. A moisturizer is therefore needed to supply the skin with intensive moisture and at the same time create a sustainable moisture reservoir. The result: the complexion looks smoother, more elastic and plumper and has a fresher and healthier appearance.
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DOCTOR BABORAHA Peel PadsPeeling to go - fast and practical for glow tin! $104.00* / 60 pieces
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DOCTOR BABORComfort Vitamin C SerumFor fully perfected skin relief. $144.00* / 20 ml
Soothing moisture

Whether you are looking for an ampoule, a serum, an eye cream or a moisturizing cream, cream, BABOR has an extensive portfolio of facial moisturizers for dry skin for you to choose from.

A fresh, rosy, vibrant complexion creates a youthful glow. But even at a young age, the first signs of dryness lines often start to appear. The complexion looks dull and loses its natural radiance. The reason? Lack of moisture!

There are many reasons for dry skin, and BABOR has a tailor-made solution for each and every one of them.

Is your skin naturally very dry? Does it also lack lipids? Are you stressed out or have you just got back from vacation where you were exposed to intense UV radiation? The skin’s equilibrium can be disturbed for many reasons. But balanced moisture levels are essential for healthy-looking skin, for its protective function and the seamless operation of its natural functions.

Whether it is a quick moisture boost, a soothing thirst quencher, a strengthening and moisturizing vitamin bomb or a lipid-balancing 24-hour cream – our tailor-made face care products are based on highly effective ingredients that we select from more than 800 raw materials. This results in intensely moisturizing formulations that strengthen the skin barrier and help the skin to store moisture, with long-lasting effects. For a fresh, youthfully radiant complexion and more elastic, plumped up and supple skin.