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Lifting & FirmingFirmness and tightness are desirable attributes, especially when it comes to body care. Skincare products that provide these benefits remodel the silhouette and ensure firmer contours. Cellulite and stretch marks in the problem areas – thighs, hips, the stomach and buttocks – are reduced, giving the skin surface a smoother and more even appearance.
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DOCTOR BABORAHA 10+10 Peeling GelSkin-renewing fruit acid peeling gel $254.00* / 50 ml
Can cleansing help to firm skin? Yes, it can!

We already know that we should cleanse our skin every day in order to free it from make-up. This results in a visibly fresher and more healthy-looking complexion, and is also an ideal way to reduce redness and blemishes.

However, we can also make our skin look tighter and thus more youthful, for example by using a skin-renewing peel. Regular use of a peel leaves the complexion looking more radiant, as it refines the pores and smooths fine lines. Fruit acid is the magic word here! Fruit acid works in synergy with other precious ingredients to prevent premature skin aging. And that is exactly what we want!