Effective yet gentle cleansing.


The highest concentration of nature for immediately visible effects.


BABOR’s intelligent premium skincare system SKINOVAGE PX is individually tailored to give the skin exactly what it needs. The selected active formulas, which always take account of differing skin requirements, compensate for natural flaws in the skin and reactivate the skin’s own mechanisms. The SKINOVAGE PX skincare system prevents skin aging caused by UV rays and other environmental factors and so ensures a fresh, youthful radiance and an even complexion.


The DOCTOR BABOR professional skincare range stands for precision cosmetics “made in Germany”. With its high-performance formulations based on select active ingredients, DOCTOR BABOR sets new standards in the field of cosmeceuticals. Back in 1956, when Dr. Michael Babor developed the first precision formulas for BABOR, terms such as “cosmeceuticals” or “DOCTOR” brands had not been invented. But he knew that precisely concentrated active ingredients provide intensive care for the skin. He then went on to develop the first skincare products that were specially tailored to individual needs, in other words, “the experts for skincare at home”. The DOCTOR BABOR range is a tribute to Dr. Michael Babor and sets the highest standards in line with the DOCTOR BABOR motto: More effective – more precise – more innovative.


Lifting and anti-aging at the highest level.


Time reverse skin care with the revolutionary RE-YOUTH COMPLEX.


Luxurious spa expereince.


The ideal men's care product for vital, powerful and resistant skin.


A woman’s beauty begins the moment she begins to be herself. Every day. In keeping with the motto coined by Peter Schmidinger, make-up artist to the stars and mastermind behind AGEID, the new make-up line is therefore designed to individually reflect every woman’s personality. Inspired by BABOR’s skincare research, the products not only conceal minor flaws but also contain the most effective active anti-aging ingredients to provide an instant lifting effect, a youthful glow and radical protection.


SeaCreation is BABOR’s luxury anti-aging skincare range containing precious active ingredients obtained from the deep sea. The Sea-telligent Complex improves skin functions, protects the skin against premature aging and demonstrably reduces existing signs of aging. DasThe result is renewed beauty: the depths of lines is significantly reduced, and the skin is visibly firmer. HaFacial contours are remodeled, giving them a firmer and more defined appearance. GesichtskontThe complexion is left looking energized and visibly rejuvenated, and has a fresh rosy glow.

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