Radiance & Luminosity

More luminosity needed? Facial cleansing is the key

We just love that unique glow. After all, nothing looks more beautiful and youthful than a radiant complexion! But a stressful daily routine involving long hours sitting at a computer, lack of sleep and a poor work-life balance often plays havoc with our skin. These multiple stress factors result in a tired, dull-looking complexion that has lost its radiance and luminosity. Blemished skin can be another outcome. Special cleansing is then needed to ensure that blemishes do not worsen. A gentle cleansing milk and creams with fruit acids, for example, are a good combination for the care of blemished skin.

But no matter what type of skin we have: cleansing is the key to well-cared-for, beautiful skin! Bi-phase cleansers with light-reflecting pigments, which lend the skin a more radiant and more vibrant appearance, are particularly effective. In addition, the complexion looks more even. Skin mechanisms are reactivated, which boosts elasticity and freshness. Bring on the daily routine!