Radiance & Luminosity

Radiance & Luminosity
Give your skin an added glow

Vitalizing skincare for maximum luminosity and a beautifully radiant complexion

We just love that unique glow. After all, nothing looks more balanced and youthful than a radiant complexion! But a stressful daily routine involving long hours sitting at a computer, lack of sleep and a poor work-life balance often plays havoc with our skin. These multiple stress factors result in a tired, dull-looking complexion that has lost its radiance and luminosity. Our skin lacks vitality!

BABOR gives your skin renewed energy and that very special glow! We will be glad to advise you at our salons and spas, or you can select your perfect companion in our online shop.

BABOR offers a wide range of ampoules. Whether you choose an innovative, bi-phase solution, ampoules with light-reflecting pigments, highly dosed serums that remove the grayish look or unique anti-aging precision formulas with an active luminosity-boosting ingredient, our tailor-made, diverse product solutions for more luminosity immediately give your skin renewed energy and vitality! Thanks to BABOR, your complexion instantly has a more even appearance, and its youthful radiance is activated. The skin’s mechanisms are reactivated to boost elasticity and freshness. Let your skin glow and enjoy the compliments you will receive for your youthfully fresh complexion and wonderful luminosity!