Refine & Correct

Active, pore-refining cosmetics

Both oily and combination skin are prone to enlarged pores. That’s why BABOR offers you a wide range of pore-refining products.

Overactive sebaceous glands are the main cause of oily or combination skin. In many people, this is genetically determined. However, medications and hormonal changes can also be resonsible for excessive sebum production, resulting in enlarged pores and annoying, unattractive shine.

How to get an even-looking skin and a mattified complexion: the BABOR skincare solutions for oily and combination skin.

For many people, enlarged pores are not just a matter of looks. An uneven, shiny complexion is often accompanied by clogged pores and dead skin cells. Areas of dry skin on the face, on the other hand, tend to create feelings of tightness. That is why balancing skincare that restores the skin’s equilibrium and supplies soothing moisture is essential.

BABOR’s skincare products for oily and combination skin help to reduce excessive sebum production and to gently free clogged pores from dead skin cells. Skin blemishes subside and the complexion is left looking more even, mattified and clearer.

Our intelligent active complexes regulate the skin’s lipid and moisture content and, thanks to such highly effective ingredients as Alpine stem cells, they protect against premature, environmentally induced skin aging.