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Product LinesSeaCreationThe secret of eternal youth, born from the depths of the ocean.

SeaCreation is BABOR’s luxury anti-aging skincare range containing precious active ingredients obtained from the deep sea. The Sea-telligent Complex improves skin functions, protects the skin against premature aging and demonstrably reduces existing signs of aging.
The result is renewed beauty: the depths of lines is significantly reduced, and the skin is visibly firmer. Facial contours appear firmer and more defined. The complexion is left looking energized and visibly rejuvenated, and has a fresh rosy glow.

In den WarenkorbSeaCreationTHE CREAMLuxury anti-aging face cream. $869.00* / 50 ml
In den WarenkorbSeaCreationTHE SERUMLuxury active anti-aging concentrate $448.00* / 30 ml
In den WarenkorbSeaCreationTHE EYE CREAMLuxury anti-aging eye cream $344.00* / 15 ml
In den WarenkorbSeaCreationTHE MASKLuxury anti-aging cream mask. $370.00* / 50 ml
In den WarenkorbSeaCreationTHE CREAM RICHRich luxury anti-aging face cream. $945.00* / 50 ml
In den WarenkorbSeaCreationTHE GIFT SETOur anti-aging masterpiece available in an exclusive gift set at a special price. $660.00* / 2 pieces in the set