Sensitivity & Redness

Effective care for reddened skin

Sensitive skin needs both strengthening and soothing skincare solutions.

Does your warm winter scarf suddenly feel scratchy? Does dry centrally heated air irritate your skin? Or do environmental factors and stressful situations create feelings of tension, redness and itching? If your skin tends to be dry and sensitive, even normal daily skincare routines can cause discomfort. This is often due to a damaged skin barrier, which can occur at any age, reducing the skin’s ability to store moisture and also leaving skin more susceptible to stress factors.

Irritation, redness and itching can, however, be combated effectively. Check out our comprehensive range of skincare products for women and men – including products for skin that is prone to atopic dermatitis (neurodermatitis).

At its own laboratories, BABOR develops effective formulations from a range of highly effective ingredients, including natural actives such as ginger and Phragmites kharka or extracts of white indigo, to meet the varying needs of sensitive skin. The wide range of products for women and men helps to strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier, which not only reduces skin redness but also soothes unpleasant side-effects such as itching and tightness. The result? Much more balanced skin that looks calmed and relaxed and feels soft and supple to the touch. The appearance of couperose also improves steadily as thread veins that are visible through the skin are minimized and prevented from re-occurring.