Skin Clarifiers

Clean skin with the right cleansing

Spots, blackheads, small red patches and other facial blemishes are annoyingly visible, and all too often are treated incorrectly. But the right cleansing can help to prevent spots and other problems from arising in the first place, and so avoid the need to combat the consequences of blemished skin.

Our skin’s acid mantle protects against germs and harmful bacteria. Although it is widely assumed that frequent cleansing prevents them from penetrating the skin, we shouldn’t wash our face more than twice a day. The reason is that it dries out the skin. That, in turn, leads to increased sebum production, which is then responsible for the development of acne, spots and blackheads. With a cleanser for sensitive skin as well as for combination skin we can’t go wrong!

Using the appropriate facial cleanser for the individual skin type deep-cleanses the skin and removes excess sebum. It also has an anti-bacterial effect and thus prevents new blemishes from forming. Cleansers include peels that should be used once or twice a week, maximum, to open the pores, remove impurities as well as dead skin cells. Their anti-bacterial effect helps to ensure that spots and blackheads occur less frequently, leaving skin feeling cleaner and smoother.