Skin Clarifiers

Effective against spots
The right care for blemished skin – from highly concentrated BABOR ampoules through to the SOS Anti-Blemish Kit.

Anyone whose skin is prone to blemishes, greasiness and enlarged pores, longs for nothing more than a clear, mattified and even-looking complexion. In many cases, spots and blackheads are not limited to puberty but often mark the onset of a skin disorder that can continue into late adulthood. But blemishes needn’t be – at any age! The best facial care for blemished and oily skin can help to regulate excessive sebum production, reduce inflammation and refine pores. The result is a refined, even-looking complexion.

We can offer you a range of problem solvers at our BABOR salons and spas, as well as online.

Are you prone to blemishes and do you also need effective, anti-aging skincare? If so, it’s time to discover our product solutions for mature, blemished skin. They contain precious ingredients such as extracts of magnolia and Enantia chlorantha, which combat blemishes while also reducing the depth of lines. Young, unblemished skin benefits from active ingredients such as horsetail and farnesol, which quickly reduce redness and irritation and regulate sebum production. Our SOS Anti-Blemish Kit is an instant, multifunctional remedy. Comprising De-Blemish Cream and De-Blemish Powder with the D-Actryl 360° Complex acts on several levels to prevent spots from forming. Whether you prefer concentrates, creams or masks, check out our extensive range of anti-blemish skincare products and look forward to a skincare experience with impressive results!