Skin Clarifiers

The perfect camouflage: Concealing facial blemishes

We are always on the lookout for a concealing foundation that makes pigment marks, spots and other annoying facial blemishes disappear. Many people have these small, mostly brownish pigmentation marks, which may take the form of liver spots or birthmarks, on their face. But one thing is certain: nobody wants to have them!
What is not widely known is that pigmentation disorders often occur at an early age. Also, in terms of their shape and colour, they vary greatly from individual to individual. But these marks, which are increased by exposure to intense sunlight, can be concealed and reduced with the aid of professional cosmetics.
A great many products are available to fight potential pigmentation marks and age spots. With a camouflage cream that is tailored to individual skin types, we can, for example, conceal all skin irregularities. Benefits: the cream provides maximum coverage and ensures long-lasting results.