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Festival of Ampoules 

Eat. Sleep. Moisturise. Repeat.

We have gone above and beyond to make our iconic Ampoules even more sensational! We bring you Ampoule Concentrates now available in a Festival Edition containing six intensive ampoule treatments that have been specially coordinated to meet different skin requirements before, during and after the season’s events.

Boasting even more benefits, these LIMITED EDITION Festival Ampoules will not only be your go-to skin rescue while you are on-the-go but will definately keep you one step ahead of the curve with their immediatly beautifying results and well... they're easy on the eye, too! 

Don't panic- it's


Chill out, because all good things
come in green! The limited edition
Chill Out Hemp & Peace Ampoule
Concentrates containing the unique
combination of hemp seed oil, aloe
vera, cactus and panthenol  to
regenerate, soothe and calm irritated
and stressed skin. 


Peace ampoules to experience the
ultimate calming effect!