Innovative ideas in the name of beauty -

The BABOR LIKE principle

Our Mission

The BABOR LIKE symbol represents the commitment that all BABOR employees worldwide have made to continuously generate groundbreaking ideas in the name of beauty. Leadership, Ideas, Know-how and ENTHUSIASM.  These are the principles that have made BABOR number 1 in spas. We have 55 years of experience in developing innovative products and unique treatment methods and we promise to continue this tradition of excellence.


The very first BABOR product hailed a new era in beauty care and the legendary HY-Öl® remains a beauty must-have some five decades later. The invention of care ampoules, which are setting a new standard, represents a further milestone. BABOR has been completely focused on professional care with natural active ingredients from the very beginning. BABOR LIKE principles have made us a leading innovator, but it is our passion for beauty that prevents us from pausing for breath, even after 55 years of work.

We continue to strive for perfection and, thus, have founded the BABOR Science Academy. Through this Science Academy, BABOR works in conjunction with renowned universities to search for, find and bring together young, highly educated scientists with expertise in various disciplines. It is a visionary project; one that ensures BABOR products will continue to deliver synergistically optimized and effective performance in the future. Our power to innovate reaches far beyond outstanding product quality; we develop concepts for our spa partners that redefine the standards in the field of spa design and well-being. Our mission is to keep our promise to you, our path is BABOR LIKE.

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