Professional skincare ranges

for over 55 years


The beauty revolution began back in 1955, when Dr. Michael Babor developed HY-ÖL®, a product that remains unrivalled to this day.  It stands as one of the basic pillars of the company and is still one of BABOR's bestsellers. The founding of Dr. Babor GmbH in Cologne one year later represented the start of a whole new era in the field of spa skincare.


A revolution in the 50s: Dr. Michael Babor develops the product HY-ÖL®, which is still unrivalled to this day.


In harmony with the company philosophy: the active organic natural cosmetics product range is extended at the beginning of the 60s.


Development of the product range in the 70s: BABOR consequentially extends the product lines.


After relocating to Aachen: BABOR's own training and learning centre.


In the 90s BABOR introduces HSR anti-aging luxury skincare in an elegant look.


BABOR conquers the Cosmeceuticals market in the new century with the introduction of DOCTOR BABOR.
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