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The 1960s

The beginning of the 1960s

saw Dr. Leo Vossen and his wife Rosemarie acquire 90% of the company, together with their daughter, Liselotte Beck (born Vossen). In addition to the black rose, Dr. Leo Vossen chose the mirror as a further symbol of BABOR's products. It was not just any mirror to be used as the "Guide to Beauty"; rather a golden mirror. This symbol illustrated from early on that only the very best and most valuable ingredients would be used for BABOR products. The rose and the golden mirror stood for exclusive and natural cosmetic products of the highest quality; they adorned products, packaging, brochures and giftwrap. The marketing pioneer Dr. Leo Vossen saw, early on, the value of having a brand identity and a logo for BABOR that could be understood across the world.
After Dr. Michael Babor left the company in 1965, businessman Dr. Leo Vossen, supported by his daughter Jutta Kleine-Tebbe, continued running the business with great enthusiasm. Situated in Aachen, initially at premises on Turpinstraße, they laid the foundation for the lasting success of the BABOR brand.
BABOR quickly seized upon the rapid developments of the 1960s and continued to expand the product range in line with the company's philosophy. New cleansing products supplemented the bioactive natural skincare range. HY-MILCH and Azulene HY-MILCH were launched – preparations with a hydrobiological base.

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