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for over 55 years

The 1970s

Following the relocation of the BABOR company headquarters from Cologne to Aachen,

the up-and-coming company resided on Turpinstraße. The headquarters were located in a former cloth mill. However, with the company's growing success and global expansion, the premises soon threatened to burst at the seams – the BABOR concept of skincare using natural ingredients was rapidly taking hold of the market. BABOR natural skincare, combined with the need for expert advice on application and effect, encountered a tremendous response amongst customers – and not just in Germany, but also in many other countries around the world.

Plans were made for an investment in new and modern production, warehouse and office facilities. The Aachen-Eilendorf industrial estate on Neuenhofstraße offered ideal conditions for the up-and-coming company, leading to the decision to relocate 1976. BABOR erected a multi-function building to house its growing operation on Neuenhofstraße, and had sufficient land to support future expansion. Construction was completed in 1977 and the BABOR team moved in to their new company headquarters.

In the 1970s, the focus of the BABOR range lay on the preparative and caring product ranges. The Super range was further developed in the 1970s for the rapid improvement of the skin tone – particularly for mature skin. The creams, masks and fluids utilised high concentrations of valuable and effective cosmetic raw materials to protect and regenerate the skin. In addition, BABOR succeeded in opening up new segments of the market with its decorative and sun cosmetics.

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