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The 1980s

A milestone in the history of BABOR:

In 1983, the BABOR Training Centre was opened at corporate headquarters in Aachen. This was a strategic move that communicated the requirement that all BABOR Estheticians become experts in order to provide BABOR customers with comprehensive advice, a requirement that remains to this day. After all, this was the only way to ensure that the high-quality and consultation-intensive products were utilized in the best possible way. BABOR was already offering the first courses to Estheticians by the end of the 1970s – in order to offer customers systematic support and education.

Under the management of Jutta Kleine-Tebbe, an Esthetician herself, the centre evolved into an impressive institution with hand-painted wall and floor tiles providing harmonious and elegant décor.  Training sessions for new BABOR Estheticians, plus workshops for successful BABOR customers, from Germany and abroad were offered in these ideal conditions. By 1986, approximately 500 participants had taken part in a total of 30 seminars.  Trainee Estheticians and interested consumers have always been welcome guests.

Training and advice, information and support.  These have been part of the BABOR service culture from the very beginning. What then, could be more obvious than combining these services into a new brand? BABOR BEAUTYWORLD® consolidates the services that are required to set up and manage a successful spa. In 1988, the foundation was laid for a franchise system, one that soon developed into an important global network of spa partners.

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