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The 1990s

Europe, America and the emerging countries in Asia

began to play a significant role in the growth of BABOR: In 1994, BABOR reacted to the increasing importance of the brand in Austria with the founding of a subsidiary. The company began business on January 1st, 1995. By July 1st, 1997, the consolidated company grew once again: The Dutch subsidiary BABOR Cosmetics B.V. was launched with its headquarters in Landgraaf. BABOR had also been enjoying success in Asia since 1977. With exports to Singapore, the foundation was laid for the opening up of the Asian market. BABOR Cosmetics Asia Pacific Ltd. was set up in Hong Kong in the summer of 1997. BABOR's presence in Switzerland was further developed in 1998 with the founding of the subsidiary BABOR Cosmetics AG, with its headquarters in Pfäffikon. In 1999, the beginning of a fruitful relationship with customers in Russia began and was cultivated into a market with a bright future.  

Spectacular new developments coupled with the revision and constant improvement of existing ranges shaped BABOR’s product policy in the 1990s. In 1995, the BABOR BODY LINE was brought to market: Selection and HSR® (High Skin Refiner) followed in 1996 and 1997 respectively.

HSR® – these three letters stand for a very special anti-aging care range. HSR® is also a luxury lifting range, which visibly reduces wrinkle depth and makes the skin appear firmer and younger. It is not just the contents that are exquisite; the packaging itself is a gem. An orb was developed as packaging especially for HSR®. This orb is still used to this day.


In 1998, BABOR optimised its skincare ranges, which represent some of the strengths and the core expertise of the brand. The innovative skincare, SKIN CARE SYSTEM GOLD, replaced the Super range and, with it’s blue-gold packaging, subsequently shaped the appearance of the brand. The new decorative line, MAKE UP SYSTEM, was also introduced. Just one year later saw the arrival of the SUN CARE SYSTEM, with innovative formulations and an updated look, as well as the younger BABOR concept, SKIN CARE SYSTEM BLUE.


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