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The 2000s

The new millennium

represented innovative care advancements of the very highest level for BABOR. A new era began in 2004 with SeaCreation®, a totally high-end product, which utilises active ingredients from the deep ocean in order to revive, regenerate and protect the skin in a brand new way.  
In 2006, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary. Half a century ago, in 1956, Dr. Michael Babor had founded the cosmetic company with its headquarters in Cologne, and, in doing so, launched a new era in the industry cosmetics.

In the beginning, the DOCTOR BABOR range contained two care concepts: BIOGEN CELLULAR and DERMA CELLULAR. BIOGEN CELLULAR is based on the natural active ingredient complex of BIOGEN PLANT extract. Eight noble herbal essences form the foundation of this complex, which is manufactured using a trademarked bio-tech procedure. The complex regulates irritations, helps combat a lack of moisture and stimulates skin regeneration. The products of the BIOGEN CELLULAR series – cream, gel cream, serum, mask, cleanser and body cream – are ideally suited for the preparation and care of the skin during cosmetic interventions – for example laser, microdermabrasion, ultrasound or mesotherapy – and during surgical interventions, such as a facelift. DOCTOR BABOR BIOGEN CELLULAR CREAM turned out to be a regeneration wonder in clinical tests and, as such, represents an anti-aging weapon for the home. These days, the range has been further expanded to include two new care concepts: PURITY CELLULAR and NEURO SENSITIVE CELLULAR.


The new range SKINOVAGEPX was launched in 2012. It represents tailor-made care for every skin requirement with a unique care effect. The new SKINOVAGEPX products are free from parabens and mineral oils and also have excellent skin compatibility. As with all BABOR products, SKINOVAGEPX is produced in line with pharmaceutical standards and is fully "made in Germany" – from the cream formulation right down to the box packaging.



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