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Research & Development

Our claim: Natural ingredients for the greatest efficacy and compatibility

At BABOR, research means exceeding our own limitations, consistently thinking outside the box, and always being open to the undiscovered. Our extensive research and development work focuses on resolving beauty concerns and on the preservation of natural beauty.

We look for targeted solutions to concrete skin problems and beauty requirements. Interdisciplinary teams of scientists comprising dermatologists, geneticists, biochemists, molecular biologists, physicians and diabetologists work in tandem with renowned universities and other leading research institutes to continuously produce groundbreaking innovations, made in Germany.

This interdisciplinary cooperation fuels breakthrough research results, which lend the BABOR products their incomparable efficacy and compatibility. BABOR research puts its trust in natural plant extracts and evaluates their efficacy in dermatological tests. Produced in line with pharmaceutical standards and tested for quality, the high-performance creams land in the experienced, expert hands of the BABOR Esthetician. From concept to application in the beauty institute – BABOR BEAUTY INTELLIGENCE.

Our maxims: Treating nature with respect

Treating nature and its valuable active ingredients with respect represents a central feature of our work. In doing so, we utilize raw materials sourced from organic farming methods and based on renewable resources.
BABOR has been against animal testing since the company was first founded in 1956. In the future, we will naturally continue to refuse animal testing and to refuse commissioning such tests.
Our high requirements with regards to the quality and purity of the raw materials that we use, together with strict controls carried out as part of the quality tests, guarantee our products a very high degree of safety and quality.

Our BABOR products are:


free from PEGs (polyethylene glycols)
  free from synthetic silicon oils
  free from skin-irritating mineral oils
  free from paraffins and paraffin derivatives
  free from parabens
  free from materials derived from animals

For more information about the detailed product ingredients, please see the respective product pages.

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