Corporate Alliances

Strong partnerships for success

BABOR hits the ground running – strong partnerships for success

A successful company needs strong partners. Thus, the Lufthansa First Class Lounge and the Lufthansa Senator Lounge at Germany's largest airport in Frankfurt, await their guests with an exclusive BABOR spa. Travelers on TUI "Mein Schiff" cruises can indulge in BABOR treatments as they travel across the world's oceans. And guests of the Emirates Group can enjoy select BABOR products in Emirates hotels and resorts, as well as under the clouds on board the Emirates Airbus A380. In addition, Emirates passengers can experience BABOR treatments in the Group's exclusive airport spas, for example in Dubai.

BABOR has also established an exclusive partnership with leading dermatologists. The BABOR Research and Innovation Centre has worked together with these experts to develop their own brand of products to accompany medical treatments in their practices.


Our in-house, expert trainers are happy to pass on our expertise to trainee estheticians. Soon you can find here a list of the beauty schools that BABOR is currently working with and to whom we are providing training services.

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