BABOR Kur Treatments

The Ultimate Beauty Cure- Little Enhancements with Big Results

BABOR Kur Treatments

Sensational Eye Kur

Wake up your eyes to the transformative power of Sensational Eyes. After a relaxing and specific eye massage, your skin will be treated to cooling and calming eye pads that will brighten your eyes.

FluidFP Kur

Looking for an extra shot of stimulation for your skin? Add any of the BABOR fluids to your facial and your skin will thank you for the extra attention. Ultimately, your skin will look and feel refreshed.

Collagen Booster Kur

The Booster Kur will ramp up collagen production and immediately fill out lines and wrinkles. Skin looks amazingly soft and smooth; feels plump and refreshed, and the complexion is radiant.

Thermo Sculpting Kur

Thermo Sculpting Kur is a perfect addition to enhance the effect of your facial and to sculpt your facial contour, leaving the face rested, bright and youthful-looking.

AHA Peels

Just looking for a fast and effective exfoliation? Then try this AHA peel for amazing looking, refined skin.

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