BABOR Face Treatments

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BABOR face treatments

BABOR face treatments achieve optimal results through the use of custom-tailored skincare products and special advanced treatment techniques. In addition to being extremely results-driven, BABOR treatments incorporate specific massage techniques, delivering benefits to the skin as well as to the body as a whole. Radiant skin, relaxation, regeneration and a whole-body balance are the results of every BABOR face treatment.


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SKINOVAGE PX treatments - Age prevention for every skin type and condition.
HSR® treatments - HSR® HIGH SKIN REFINER - A new dimension in Anti-aging.
SeaCreation treatments - Delight in pure luxury and relaxation.
DOCTOR BABOR treatments - Visible results without a prescription.
baborganic treatments - Protect and oxygenate your skin with 100% natural extracts.
BABOR MEN treatments - An energy boost for your skin.
BABOR Kur - The Ultimate Beauty Cure - Little Enhancements with Big Results.
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