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The specialists in face and body care



A BABOR Beauty Spa is a professional beauty salon that offers the full range of face and body care from BABOR as well as treatments with high-tech beauty devices.

To provide this service, our partners need visible shop-front premises in a town or country location.
A sales room with a shop window plus at least two enclosed treatment rooms, one of which is equipped with a shower and can be used to provide body treatments, is the ideal prerequisite for opening a BABOR Beauty Spa.

The specialists in face care



A smaller BABOR salon provides an opportunity to specialize in face care and high-tech treatments from BABOR. A sales room with a shop window and at least one treatment room is the basic requirement for our partners who wish to present themselves as skincare specialists.

Here, too, visible shop-front premises in a town or country location are a prerequisite.


All advantages of our partners at a glance


7. Service

Multi-layered, comprehensive support.

6. Training
Product and treatment  training courses for every form of treatment and every product.

5. Visual Merchandising
Display your expertise.

1. Design

Modern shopfitting concept verschiedenen with various design options.

4. Advertising

Auffallende Werbemaßnahmen nicht nur zur Eröffnung; sondern immer wieder neu und wirksam.

2. Planning
Professional architectural planning of your salon right through to the turnkey handover.

3. Calculating your costs
Unterstützung bei der Erstellung des Businessplans.