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BABOR MEDICAL SPA - The authority for medical professionals

The BABOR MEDICAL SPA concept fuses dermatology with esthetics and is the medical professionals response to a growing demand for cosmetic treatments, both in the fields of invasive and non-invasive procedures.


Join forces with the expert in professional skincare:



  • Doctor BABOR - High-tech skincare products for both pre- and post-medical procedures
  • Treatment products and protocols designed specifically for medical applications
  • Medical Beauty Guides for professionals
  • Prescription pads for product recommendations

Training and support

  • Thorough product knowledge and treatment techniques training, on-site or regional training centers
  • Regular seminars on related topics (for example, medical wellness and aesthetic beauty)
  • Make-up tips for medical practices
  • Sales training for service personnel
  • Customer Service hotline for product knowledge queries and general support


  • Brand specific advertising within appropriate media
  • Integration into the BABOR Spa Finder on website
  • Marketing collateral: direct mail templates, posters, promotional offers, ad templates
  • Co-op advertising
  • Support in event planning
  • BABOR brand presentation as a DVD (for example, waiting room TV)

Business concept

  • Comprehensive training, on-site and in regional training centers
  • Business planning guidance:
    • Cabines
    • Product offerings
    • Menu of services
    • Profitability assessments
    • Private label development opportunities